Stream, Download, Video, Setlist & Capsule Review: Widespread Panic @ Chicago Theater, 10/29/11

Widespread Panic
Chicago Theater
Chicago, IL
October 29, 2011


Going Out West, Stag O Lee, You Should Be Glad, Little Lilly > Henry Parsons, Me And The Devil Blues, You Got Yours, Christmas Katie > Let It Rock, B of D, Conrad

Tall Boy > She Caught The Katy, Cant Get High, Cotton Was King, Airplane, Greta > Fishwater > Drums & Bass, Driving Song > Arleen > Fishwater

Peace Frog > Blue Sunday, End Of The Show, Aint Life Grand

First Set Highlight:  Herring's blistering solo in "Me & The Devil" served as a reminder of what a top flight blues player he can be, in addition to all of his other talents.

Jams: Another jaw-dropping set of songs from Airplane until the end of the second set.  Each song provided plenty of room for action and collectively was the real meat of the show.

Best Moment:  The raging rock jam that seemed to just explode out of the Arleen groove.  Emerging out of nowhere, it lead to a place where Dave takes over and adds shouted "hey"s over the jam.  Suddenly, it felt that the "Fishwater" ending was inevitable, and it raged as a dynamic set closer.

Cover Me: Another round of interesting cover material pre-Halloween.  While "Going Out West" is fairly standard issue, "Stag O Lee", "Let It Rock", "She Caught The Katy" and the Doors encore "Peace Frog" / "Blue Sunday" are relative rarities that were well played.  "Peace Frog" hasn't seen action since their last Aragon show in '98.

Summary: Both Friday and Saturday both had very high peaks and welcome setlist surprises.  While I wouldn't be disappointed with another show of this quality on Monday night.  I think the bar still can be set higher, and the Halloween atmosphere, and potential for debuts has a chance to push it over the top.

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The encore...

Panic Chicago Poster by Franklin

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