Setlist / Recap / Video: Todd Snider & Chicago Farmer @ SPACE, Evanston, IL 3/16/13

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The songs of some artists are snug like a warm blanket. Todd Snider is a prime example. He has worn the role of  traveling stoner troubadour quite well over the years and the packed house at SPACE on Saturday night attested to this. Judging by how much of the crowd was singing along to pretty much every song, there were many Snider vets in the house  Weaving songs in and out of stories is a craft he has perfected and the appreciative crowd lapped it up. During the first set, Snider impressed with a story about rescuing a guy from security guards in Detroit by vouching for him in exchange for getting a joint rolled.

Todd Snider
March 16th, 2013
Set One
Can't Complain, Is This Thing Working?, Too Soon To Tell, [18 Minutes Intro], Ballad Of The Kingsmen, [Meeting Elvis Story], Greencastle Blues, In The Beginning, Statistician's Blues, The Devil You Know, [Aaron Allen Story], Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern
Set Two
Conservative Christian..., Stuck On The Corner, Tension, Easy Money, East Nashville Skyline, Hey Hey, Just Like Old Times, Alright Guy, [Hill Country Goodbye Story], Play A Train Song, [15 Minutes Story], Sideshow Blues
Beer Run, High Time

One noticeable difference between the first and second sets was the volume of the crowd. Whereas in the first set the crowd was more hushed, they were decidedly more raucous as the night progressed.  The situation evolved to the point where Snider commented on having to work harder than earlier in the evening.

The second set began with the crowd participation-friendly trio of "Conservative Christian", "Stuck on the Corner", and "Tension". Opening the show up to a couple of requests, Snider next offered "East Nashville Skyline" and "Hey Hey" came next and delivered. "Just Like Old Times" and "Alright Guy" got the crowd singing along again in a celebratory mood.

Since the venue itself does not technically have a backstage area, encores can be tricky at SPACE. Snider announced he was winding down and delivered the song you are guaranteed to hear at each and every one of his shows, "Beer Run", before closing the night with the surprise of the evening, "High Time". Not played before in concert and cooked up on his tour bus for the 2-for Tuesdays covers collections, the Hunter/Garcia classic was a fantastic way to close out this great show.

The aptly-selected opener, Chicago Farmer, kept the crowd's attention by playing his Snider-esque brand of home spun stories and acoustic numbers. Judging by the reaction, the crowd definitely appreciated his tales and tunes as well his self-deprecating sense of humor. He has become a regular fixture as an opening act in the area and that is a very welcome thing. The venue itself, SPACE, proved to be a perfect venue to see Todd Snider and Chicago Farmer engage the crowd with acoustic tunes and tales. Here's hoping they both come back here again real soon.

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