Stream or Download: Punch Brothers @ Park West 3/1/12

What a joy it is to listen to Punch Brothers!  In some ways it is akin to an intellectual exercise: peeling back layer upon layer to of complexity reveal a hidden and universal truth.  Notable songwriting that spans simple pop, deep emotional expressiveness and intricate compositions find equal footing while wrapped in an immense likability.  You'll find this on each of their albums, but it really shines in the live show.  Here is a show from Spring 2012 in Chicago that marked their largest sell out to date -- it is sprinkled with clever cover songs (Radiohead!), spry banter about the city and note after note of near perfect playing.

The Stream

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Movement and Location, Who's Feeling Young Now?, Next To The Trash, Flippen, Clara, Patchwork Girlfriend, Instrumental, Rye Whiskey, Hundred Dollars, Kid A, Down Along The Dixie Line, This Girl, This Is The Song (Good Luck), Instrumental, Don't Get Married Without Me, New York City

Encore: Here and Heaven, Soon Or Never

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