Visual Setlists: Umphrey’s McGee @ Mayan Holidaze, Maya Riviera, Cancun, Mexico 1/26/12, 1/27/12 & 1/29/12

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2012-01-26 Mayan Holidaze Maya Riviera, MX

One: Nipple Trix > All In Time > Day Nurse, Ocean Billy, Nothing Too Fancy > Conduit, Bulls On Parade, Conduit

Two: Prowler > All In Time, Booth Love, Girlfriend Is Better -> Mulche's Odyssey, Bright Lights

Encore: Miami Virtue > Jimmy Stewart -> Nothing Too Fancy, Pay The Snucka > Steppin' Razor > Pay The Snucka

2012-01-27 Mayan Holidaze Maya Riviera, MX

One: Jazz Odyssey > Domino Theory > Jimmy Stewart > Domino Theory, Resolution > 2x2 > Hurt Bird Bath, Hajimemashite, Wappy Sprayberry > Baba O'Riley

Encore: Puppet String, Panama, 40's Theme

2012-01-29 Mayan Holidaze Maya Riviera, MX

One: The Triple Wide, Words, 1348 > The Floor, Gulf Stream, Thin Air, Let's Dance, August > 1348

Encore: Push the Pig > Miss Tinkle's Overture

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