Vulfpeck Will Pay You To Attend Their Show At New Chicago Venue | Savage Smyth 6/7/16

Take a deep breath, because it may take a while to wrap your head around this one.

Vulfpeck has become one of the most buzzed about funk bands out there, and a lot of the chatter can be attributed to how delightfully "off" they are, occupying a pranksterish space that adds a touch of twisted psychedelic humor to their deep grooved music.

Tickets to recent Chicago shows have been snapped up right away, so the logical thing to do is -- of course -- pay fans to attend their highly anticipated return to the city.

The event is centered around the single "Flow State," revenue generated from it will be returned back to fans upon entry to the show.  The track contains a tone that exists below the frequency of human hearing, "the resonate frequency of Planet Earth".  Fans are encouraged to stream it on repeat from their service of choice to generate the royalties to play a free show, June 7th, and also pay attendees some of the royalties.

Make sense? I'll let Vulf do more explaining, before getting to where this event will take place and how to get tickets.

The event will take place at Savage Smyth, a new multi-function event space in the River North neighborhood (920 N. Franklin) that describes itself as a place to "gather, collaborate and innovate."

"Vulfpeck's unique concept of paying fans as they walk through the door naturally aligns with the philosophy of Savage Smyth. We aim to provide a space for people to innovate and connect by hosting their own authentic programming, so we're thrilled to welcome Vulfpeck to perform at Savage Smyth." - venue co-founder, Gabrielle Martinez

Free tickets will be available through on April 27 at 1pm. Doors for the Flow State Show will open at 7pm on Tuesday, June 7, accessible through Savage Smyth's west alley entrance.

Also... free beer.  Yep, Short's Brewery, until recently only available in Michigan, will be serving a brew inspired by Vulfpeck's sound.

The space is described as 8,000 square feet of customizable indoor space, with an additional 8,000 square-foot roof deck and offers a few artists rendering of what to expect.

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