Music Bracket | NCAA Men's Basketball Coaches Reveal Their Favorite Bands

Here's an interesting way to fill out your March Madness bracket.

CBS Sports' Matt Norlander interviewed every coach in the field of 68 teams in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament about their favorite band.

The results teeter on the edge of enlightening and bizarre.  A lot of Bruce Springsteen (or course), some Pearl Jam and one nod each to The Beatles, Stones and Bob Marley.  So the news isn't all bad.  Hell, Seton Hall's Kevin Willard even lists the Beastie Boys.

Arizona's Sean Miller is all-in on John Mayer.  A Dead & Company fan, perhaps?

In the LOL department: Kentucky's John Calipari likes Train. Duke's Mike Krzyzweksi prefers Beyonce.  Xavier University's Chris Mack is a Kid Rock fan.  Here's how they break down by genre.

  • Rock: 23
  • Pop: 13
  • R&B and hip hop: 9
  • Country: 8
  • Funk/soul: 6
  • Reggae: 2
  • Frank Sinatra: 2
  • Faith: 2
  • Classical: 1
  • Rap-rock/buttrock: 1
  • Meat Loaf: 1

Here's an example of the cool graphics they put together for the Midwest bracket.  Check out Norlander's piece at for more.



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