Pro-Shot VIDEO | JRAD Serves Multi-layer Sandwiches In Port Chester

This is just amazing.

On December 30th, 2016, Joe Russo's Almost Dead played at Capitol Theatre in Port Chester.

They just released this 25 minute, 8 camera video of the squence of "Viola Lee Blues" > "Uncle John's Band" > "Becky" > "Uncle John's Band" > "Viola Lee Blues".  "Viola Lee" features Cochemea Gastelum (of the Dap Kings) on baritone sax.  "Becky", of course, is a classic Benevento Russo Duo tune that has achieved almost legendary status.  

Anybody can draw up dream setlists like this, but dream execution... that's where JRAD shines.

They had previously released a shorter, but no less impressive setquence based around "Bird Song".  It contains "Day Tripper" and "King Solomon's Marbles" filling.

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