Yep, It's a Joe Russo's Almost Dead Chicago Poster By Jim Pollock

   Homer: You like ice cream, don't you?
   Lisa:  Uh huh.
   Homer: And don't you like ice cream better when it's covered with hot fudge?
          And mounds of whipped cream?  And chopped nuts?
          And, ooh, those crumbled-up cookie things they mash up?
          Mmm...  Crumbled-up cookie things...
   -- Homer Simpson, explaining hows sports gambling makes a good thing even better

Curse my Simpsons addled-mind, but that's all I could think about when I realized when I saw that noted poster artist Jim Pollock has gone ahead and added the hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped nuts and crumbled up cookie things to the JRAD ice cream buffet that has already been set up for this weekend at Concord Music Hall.


There will only be between 125 and 150 of these  available this weekend, so if you're in the market, don't delay.

And... there's still a chance to get free entry to both nights so you can save your money for good things like posters.  Click here for more details.

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