Wilco To Stream Personalized Radio Station This Weekend

This morning, Wilco announced the creation of “Wilcoworld Radio,” a station streaming through their website that focuses on the Chicago band’s history.

Featuring more than 10 hours of “interviews, outtakes, live recordings, cover songs and more inspired by the reissue of Wilco’s first two albums,” the station is sure to contain some gems, unheard material and new insight into the formative era.

The band also notes that “some friends” will reflect on and tell stories about the band’s early years.

The program begins at 10am on Friday and will loop through Sunday.

Read the band’s statement below.

"Greetings listeners. This is Chicago calling. Today we introduce Wilcoworld Radio.

On Friday at 10a CT, tune in to hear a unique Wilco-centric broadcast via wilcoworld.net. We've got a line up featuring 10+ hours of interviews, outtakes, live recordings, cover songs and more inspired by the recent reissues of Wilco's first two albums, A.M. and Being There.

And as it turns out, some friends were just as excited about this as we are. Hear stories and reflections from some of the earliest champions of the band and a whole lot more.

That's Friday, 10a CT. Set your alarms.

-Wilcoworld (Radio) HQ

P.S. If you can't tune in Friday, the program will loop through Sunday. Tune in at 10a + 10 p all weekend long."

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