The Hold Steady Covered Wilco And Other Chicago Artists During Three-Night Run

Photo: @ThaliaHall

The Hold Steady recently performed three shows in Chicago, with two nights at Thalia Hall and one intimate date at Empty Bottle as part of the venue’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Not only did the band switch up setlists dramatically throughout the three shows, they offered their audiences something special each night in the form of covers.

Paying tribute to Chicago, the Hold Steady covered a different song from popular Chicago artists each night.

The run began with two nights at Thalia Hall. On Thursday, June 16, the show featured an especially Chicago-based encore, when the band brought out local artists Jason Narducy (Split Single) and Kelly Hogan (The Flat Five) for a performance of “Chillout Tent,” before breaking into Cheap Trick’s “Southern Girls,” which the band transformed to “Chicago Girls.”

Friday’s Thalia Hall show included a cover of Wilco’s “I’m The Man Who Loved You,” while Saturday’s Empty Bottle date included a cover of Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands.”

Watch video of the Wilco cover below, and read the setlists for all three nights.

6/15/17 Setlist – Thalia Hall

1. Stuck Between Stations

2. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

3. Rock Problems

4. Magazines

5. Chips Ahoy!

6. Barfruit Blues

7. Cattle And Creeping Things

8. You Can Make Him Like You

9. First Night

10. Party Pit

11. Stevie Nix

12. Multitude Of Casualties

13. Sequestered In Memphis

14. The Weekenders

15. The Swish

16. Constructive Summer

17. You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came To The Dance With)

18. Massive Nights

19. Your Little Hoodrat Friend

20. Southtown Girls

21. How A Resurrection Really Feels


22. Certain Songs

23. Chillout Tent (with Jason Narducy & Kelly Hogan)

24. Southern Girls (Cheap Trick cover – with Jason Narducy & Kelly Hogan)

25. Killer Parties


6/16/17 Setlist – Thalia Hall

1. The Sweet Part Of The City

2. Constructive Summer

3. Hot Soft Light

4. Banging Camp

5. I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You

6. Ask Her For Adderall

7. Hornets! Hornets!

8. You Can Make Him Like You

9. Sequestered In Memphis

10. Yeah Sapphire

11. Most People Are DJs

12. Citrus

13. Knuckles

14. Same Kooks

15. Your Little Hoodrat Friend

16. Massive Nights

17. Chips Ahoy!

18. Stuck Between Stations

19. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

20. Slapped Actress


21. Oaks

22. I’m The Man Who Loves You (Wilco cover)

23. Stay Positive

24. Killer Parties


6/17/17 Setlist – Empty Bottle

1. Positive Jam

2. The Swish

3. Sequestered In Memphis

4. You Can Make Him Like You

5. Yeah Sapphire

6. Spinners

7. Constructive Summer

8. Hot Soft Light

9. Lord, I’m Discouraged

10. Party Pit

11. Multitude Of Casualties

12. Stevie Nix

13. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

14. Citrus

15. The Weekenders

16. Massive Nights

17. Stuck Between Stations

18. Chips Ahoy!

19. Your Little Hoodrat Friend

20. Southern Girls


21. 212 Margarita

22. Too Much Time On My Hands (Styx cover)

23. Stay Positive

24. Killer Parties

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