Friday Linkafication: Useful Concert Etiquette, Classic Rock Psychiatry and HD Phish Online

Looking for recommended performances of your favorite Dead tunes? Heady Version is a crowd-sourced repository of best. versions. ever.

If you're heading out to see some music this weekend, first brush up on concert etiquette - should come in handy for Trey's acoustic set

Summer Phish tour announced this week.   Gotta love the coverage these things get in the mainstream press... a cross between hippie target practice and pure bewilderment.  I love this one is from CBS News "Celebrity Circuit". The eviceration of the author in the comments section is  pure hilarious savagery.

Speaking of Phish:   HD Phish on the net,  a spreadsheet that catalogs the best HD youtube videos.  Check the tabs, there's HD Pearl Jam and other artists as well.

If you haven't been able to consult your psychiatrist (or Psychic Friends Network) lately, check this reference for what your favorite classic rock band says about you.

Video Time!

The Muppets are back in linkafication.  This time staging an LCD Soundsystem Rave in London

The E.T. Sequel we've been craving comes this summer!

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