Full Gallery: Mario Fabrio's Brilliant Lego Concert Arena Stage

As a father of three boys, I know what it's like to step on Lego bricks wherever I walk.  As a music lover and concert freak, I know what it's like to obsess over the stage, setting and technology involved with huge, exciting productions

Never did I expect the two to meet so impressively.  But apparently, Mario Fabrio, a Lego builder, who posts at Lego fan site MOC Pages, has fused two together in expert fashion.  From the behind the scenes set up, to a full band and all of the gear, and even the little details -- everything is included brick by brick in this recreation.

It includes a captivatingly wide stage with video screens and very realistic looking speaker stacks and light rigs.


The stage has built in hydraulics so the musicians can make dramatic entrances...

and take jaw-dropping solos.


Pretty nice keyboard rig, but disappointed that there's no organ... or theremin.


The backup singers are looking good.1338145494m_SPLASH

Even the technical crew and their gear make an appearance...


Here's the entire thing presented on a table -- the back of the stage even has some of the sytling of a modern arena facade.1338145688m_SPLASH

The full gallery is below, including the red carpet, trucks for hauling the band and gear cross country, security and more...

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