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It is a beautiful thing when technology allows a hobbyist to put a video like this together in just a couple of hours. The author (username marc4dfan on YouTube) doesn’t have a background in video production, he just got an idea in his head and thought “maybe I could do that.”

The template is quite simple really: combine some simple effects and some outstandingly groovy footage (the clip’s maker won’t divulge where he nicked them from) with one of the most gritty, funky and downright catchy tunes in the Steepwater catalog: “The Healer”. “I love good bluesy, dancey rock n roll, and I like helping expose songs like this to more people,” the video’s creator says. He advocates sharing it far and wide, and may even make more based on the positive response that this one has gotten. “Post the video all over the place,” he quips. “ That’s the point!”

Soul Train

Though the sound and fashion of R&B, funk and soul has come a long way since the afros and bell-bottoms of the 1970’s Don Cornelius-era Soul Train, bands like Steepwater still carry onward to keep the groove alive. This is how I see myself dancing in my head, even if my body doesn’t always comply.

If you like Steepwater, you’re sure to like The Black Keys and vice versa. This blues-punk duo from Akron, OH recently debuted this video for “Tighten Up” from their incredible new album Brothers.

I just had to share it here; the pro-shot vid seemed a perfect complement to the Steepwater do-it-yourself feel and the content has quite the affinity to The Barn’s suburban roots. Very well done, and it has a great storyline the likes of which I haven’t seen since videos in MTV’s 1980s heyday.

From the amateurs to the pros, The Barn has your video needs covered and as always, in parting we wish you love, peace... and SOUL!

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