Notes From The Jazz Underground Loves The Nineties


This edition of  Notes From The Jazz Underground was culled from the May 20th broadcast.

Let's start at the beginning.  The first five tunes in the playlist were inspired by Orbert Davis (world class trumpet player, also the host of the WDCB show just prior to NFTJU), who wrapped up his show with a track from Arturo O'Farrill and DJ Logic.

This triggered something in host Paul Abella.  With a twinge of nostalgia, he decided to revisit his teenage years in the 90s, queueing up more DJ Logic and Groove Collective.

These tracks led to a full blown electronica set, so Orbital and Dave Douglas' group High Risk got thrown in the mix.  Can't explore jazz in the nineties without some Medeski Martin & Wood.

That Hedfunk track?  It came from a compilation that The Gap sold around Christmas of '96 (Paul: "don't judge!"). You'll find a jazz infused Sabbath cover with Brownout, Colin Stetson, Derek Brown and Keefe Jackson and a whole slew of "appropriately warped" tracks.

Of note: make sure you spend some time with Harlem River Drive record, a blend of salsa and funk that can't go wrong. New tunes from locals Spare Parts and Theo Crocker round out this week's show.

Check out the full playlist, and some additional tracks below.

Hedfunk - "Dark Lady"


Beats & Pieces Big Band - "All In"

Derek Brown - "Blueberry Jam"


Complete Playlist

Track Artist Album
Soul Kissing DJ Logic The Anomaly
Rent Strike (DJ Smash Remix) Groove Collective Red Hot + Cool
Planet of the Shapes Orbital Orbital 2
Uninvisible Medeski, Martin & Wood Uninvisible
Molten Sunset Dave Douglas High Risk
Fark Lady Hedfunk Hedfunk
Pop Beats and Pieces All In
Into the Void Brownout Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
Technicolor Nightmare Christian McBride Live at Tonic
Seeds of Life Harlem River Drive Harlem River Drive
Brown Rice is a Bummer Nonch Harpin' Native Sons
As A Bird to a Branch Colin Stetson New History of Warfare, volume 1
Blueberry Jam Derek Brown Beatbox Sax
Caballo Ballo Keefe Jackson & Jason Adasciewicz Rows and Rows
Four Sticks Spare Parts Warehaus West Sessions, volume 1
Jazz Crimes Spare Parts Warehaus West Sessions, volume 1
This Could Be Theo Croker Escape Velocity
Inner City Blues Jason Miles To Grover With Love: Live in Japan
Skirmish at the Farmers Market 718 Sputnik
Perpetual Motion Wide Hive Players Player's Please

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