Preview: Full Court Press @ Abbey Pub 2/9/12

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If you thought Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra had cornered the market on large-band improvisational experiments, clear a spot on the calendar for Thursday, February 9th at the Abbey Pub.

That marks the debut of Full Court Press, an improvisational experiment, drawing from an all star lineup of jam-friendly musicians sourced from right here in Chicago.

We don't know much about the evening's affairs will be conducted, but we do know that the "lineup" features starters and bench players (see below for the full details), so there will likely be various configurations and personnel substitutions throughout the evening.  We also know that the stage will be packed with talent -- stretching the sports analogy as far as it goes, this cast is being billed as MVPs.

Jim Conry and Steve Sinde blew the roof off the Park West just a week and a half ago with Strange Arrangement.  Marcus Rezak impresses in whatever ensemble he is a part of (most recently The Hue and Digital Tape Machine).  Janis & Mattias of Family Groove Company have been joining The Vasoconstrictors for some Phish jams recently, so you know their chops are solid.  And ringer Jaik Willis can slot in just about anywhere.  In any case, expect an evening full of collaboration, exploration, and an army of guitar, drums, keyboards and a saxaphone or two.

Tickets are only $5 in advance but will be more at the door.

The Starters

Family Groove Company
Janis Wallin- Bass

Family Groove Company
Mattias Blanck- Drums

Strange Arrangement
Jim Conry- Guitar

Digital Tape Machine
Marcus Rezak- Guitar

Old Shoe
Joe Day- Keys

Off The Bench Team:

Land of Atlantis
Kevin Davidson- Saxophone

Strange Arrangement
Steve Sinde- Drums

Family Groove Company
Jordan Wilkow- Keys

Family Groove Company
Adam Lewis- Guitar

Tony McCullough- Saxophone

Land of Atlantis
Josh Hanchar- Bass

Governor Switch
Mike Mirro- Drums

The Coop
Jacob Barinholtz- Drums, Percussion

Nick Ferrer- Guitar

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