Setlist / Video: Old Shoe & Chicago Farmer Team For Loving Cup @ Schuba's 11/26/14

Old Shoe and Chicago Farmer hooked up for a number of songs together at their Black Wednesday gig at Schuba's.  The collaboration included a number of Farmer tunes as well as a take on the Stones' "Loving Cup", for which a great multi-cam video has surfaced courtesy of The Fan Farm.

Wednesday, November 26th - Schubas - Chicago, IL
Oneida County, Wouldstock, Estimated Prophet > Welcome Home, Sugaree, Star, Mouth of the Lion, Break Your Mind, Freak Flag, Beer, Dance Dance Dance, Loco Motive, Take That Road, Dust Bowl, Better Idea, Everybody In This Town$, Man Without a Heart$, Backenforth$, The Village$

E: Running Through the Street, Loving Cup$

$ with Chicago Farmer


As we noted in our preview for that show, Shoe seems to be booking higher and higher profile venues for their Chicago area appearances.  That trend continues for their next scheduled gig -- the winter "festival" Snow Shoe, the 2014 version was held at Bottom Lounge.  In 2015, they take the party to Logan Square Auditorium on Feburary 7th, with support acts to be announced in the coming weeks.


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