The Most Popular Content Of 2012

Here is a summary of the most popular content on The Barn Presents over the last year.  These don't include the Furthur and Phish Rotation (or Announcement) Infographics which actually were more popular than any of these.  I chose not to include them as they are continually updated.

Also Andrew Bird's set!

9. Our summary of Bruce Springsteen's Wrigley Field visit includes streams of both shows, some thoughts and a nifty Venn Diagram

8. We assembled a list of the 21 Greatest Halloween Concerts of All Time

7. We were able to give away a pair of tickets Jimmy Herring's solo run in August and also review the show - I also wrote a (rare) album review

6. Bob Weir, Trey Anastasio, The Roots and others all came together for a jam... not a Chicago event I just had to put up a recording

5. Mule-o-ween was in Chicago this year.  Recap / audio / video

4. Extensive coverage of Furthur's Chicago visit including a preview and review with full audio

3. Things to know if Prince is Welcomed 2 Your Town (like he was in Chicago this September) - includes United Center and Late Night audio

2. Ten reasons why Phish's "Fuck Your Face" show was an instant classic -- written in a burst of inspiration the morning after the show.

1. Pictograms!  I guess it takes a lot to best Phish on this site, but googlers seemed to love these graphic puzzles that reference the music of Dylan, The Beatles, Stones, Springsteen, Elvis and others. More pictogram content coming in 2013!

Be sure to check out our best albums and best musical "things" as well!

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