This Worst Songs Bracket Is Pure Lunacy

Are you fascinated with terrible songs?  Would you like to participate in a long, drawn out process to determined the most terrible of those songs?

You're in luck.  Sidespin, a kinja blog that describes themselves as "a bad place full of jerks" have introduced a full bracket of 64 godawful songs released since 1990 in four delightfully named divisions: Queefcore, Nu-Metal, Justice Stewart, and Tweens and Teens.

The bracket's creators, @raspuntinmethod and @nss_ds on Twitter, have also introduced a drawn out way of voting and reporting on the results.  The first round is almost closed, but more hilarity should ensue in as we move down the bracket.  They also post updates via @worstsongbracke.

Personally, I am just happy that Dave Matthews made the field and to see John Mayer draw a 10 seed.  More shitty, flaccid, lite-rock like this would have been nice to see make the cut, but I'm more than happy to see them battle it out with gag-inducing dreck like Limp Bizkit and Sum41 and a ton of stuff that I've (thankfully) never heard of.

Here's the full list.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.49.49 PM

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