White Denim Song Used In Nintendo Promotional Video

File this one under "didn't see that one coming".

Nintendo's new console / handheld gaming device hybrid will be out next spring and today marked the start of the promotional push for what is being branded as Switch.

Pretty big news, but not necessarily for this site.  But what's that sound I hear?  Always one of our favorite bands, White Denim's "Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)" from their 2016 release Stiff gets featured prominently.

The video was released this morning and already has more that 777,000 views.  The album has been our since March and the track as just over a million streams on Spotify.  So, yeah, this is kind of a big deal.

For the record (and this comes from someone who's not much of a gamer), the Switch gaming experience looks pretty cool as well. 

Check it out

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