Justin Bieber Stories

Beck Does Bowie 360, Best 2.0 Phish, Axl's Gimme Some Reggae, Terrapin Keller and More

Beck's cover of David Bowie's "Sound And Vision" with a 160 musicians is a complete reinvention of how music is recorded, shared and consumed and every second will blow another corner of your mind.Hey look, tables turned! PhanArt featured me to discus what Pete called "the most shared piece of fanrelatedart ever"I've always felt...

When Bieber Met Gordon, How Nickleback Sucks (The Money Out Of Fans' Pockets), Why MTV Is Vapid

Justin Bieber hanging out with his Jewish Grandmother (aka Phish's Mike Gordon) via @dankanter instagram.Everybody hates Nickleback, right? Everybody except BusinessWeek who goes into detail about the band's "genius" business modelThese types of deliberately viral videos typically do suck, but this one is funny and right on the money.

Friday Linkafication: Trey & Bieber, Crazy Willie and a Beastie Boy’s Wine Enthusiasm

The week kicked off with Arcade Fire taking home the Album of the Year Grammy, followed shortly by the outraged public demanding to know... Who the f#%$k is Arcade Fire? At least this gave us all the opportunity to see what Tawny Kitaen is up to these days (hint: not proofreading).Trey tour starts...