A Grateful Dead Venn Diagram

While searching for an online Venn Diagram creator for my Springsteen at Wrigley Recap, I came across an interesting site that generates Venns automatically based on the most common Google Suggest autocompletes for any given question.  You just provide it with a query and  three common search terms, and it finds the most likely searches for "[your query] [your term] ____"?  It automagically puts common results in the Venn space that is shared between the search terms.  Naturally, I had to give it a shot.  So, I present to you the result when I plugged in Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & Phil Lesh.  Is...

This is a damn funny world (and apparently obsessed with Jews).

By the way, the diagram is exactly as generated by the tool. Not sure why some of the "ir" and "cias" show up in the results -- or why some of the suggestions don't seem to follow the "Is ___ _____" format -- but it is pretty easy to use so I'm not gonna complain. Go ahead and make your own and share with me and I'll publish good ones.

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