Three Minute Clip Reveals Footage Of Primal Grateful Dead, Among Earliest Videos Of The Band

In June of 1966, nobody could have possibly known what Grateful Dead would become -- but they were at least making enough of a cultural impact to get the British Broadcasting Company to document the experience.

This footage is purported from June 3rd, 1966 at the Fillmore and contains the ultra-rarity, early garage-rock cut "Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)". Not exactly classic or beloved Dead, but the glimpses of Jerry, Pigpen, Phil, Billy and the teenaged Bob Weir are indelible.

The three-minute clip was shared on Facebook by Chris DiLeo.  There is also video footage from earlier in 1966 (the March 19th Acid Test at Carthay Studios) that had previously surfaced.

H/T @jambase

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