First Tweets From Some Of My Favorite Twitterers

Twitter turns 8 today and introduced a new feature which allows you to view the very first tweet from any account without all sorts of onerous scrolling.  I thought I'd pick a couple of significant tweeters in the music world out of the 590 accounts that I follow and see how it all began for them.  I chose a few band specific feeds, some of the best music bloggers / tweeters and a couple of the fans that just get twitter.

This list starts with @YEMBlog -- and I think I'm not alone in saying I probably wouldn't even be on twitter if it wasn't for this feed.

@JamBase has changed editorial direction to grab a little bit of that @YemBlog spice.  You may be able to tell why from their first tweet. #boring

Surprised to see a bit of local flavor in the first tweet from @livemusicblog. #chicago

@PanicStream gets right down to business in their firstie.

@deadheadland reeled off a classic...

@thephunion comes out swinging.  This one is still funny.

One of the most prolific tweeters in my feed, @soundfusemag got a special request to kick it all off.

@YEMBlog wouldn't be @YEMBlog without the man behind it: @heyscottyb.  His first tweet was pure gold.

Always look forward to this guy's tweets, though I have no idea what first one from @TweeterReprise means.

The perennially interesting… @WookettePrblms

Rob Mitchum has had the please of first tweeting at least two accounts, @phishcrit...

… and his own robmitchum where he began to "live tweet" every Phish show since 2009.

Then of course, there are the band's themselves. @phish's is typically Phishy...

@WidespreadPanic looks like it may have been written by JB, but it's signed MD.

I probably left out a bunch. What's your favorite #firsttweet?

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