Friday Linkafication: Phish Ticket Karma, Reality Blotto and a Macrodot Talks Jerry

At long last, we have updated our FAQ Page to reflect The Barn's latest mission

Prince: genius or madman?

A guide to all the celebrity cameos in the Beastie's new Fight For Your Right Revisited long form video.

We lost Lynn Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Guy this week.  Here is a link to our trip down Chicago TV Memory lane inspired by Big Sky Stringband's tune "Rich Koz".  588-2300 forever.

Mr. Blotto does reality TV on Monday at the Abbey...

Phish ticket karma courtesy of Live Music Blog

Local Barn favorites Strange Arrangement get some love from Richard Milne and Local Anasthetic

When doing research for the Cathy Richardson interview, I realized that a couple of Macrodots have played with Melvin Seals (featured artist in our next The Barn Presents show) in the past.  Very cool! That led me to this inspiring quote on Jerry Garcia from Macrodots guitarist Jude Gold...

In 1997, when Melvin Seals (beloved organist of the Jerry Garcia Band) invited me to hit the road with him, singers Jackie LaBranch and Gloria Jones, and other JGB vets on a mission to keep Garcia’s music alive, I didn’t realize how great the next three years would be. Sure, I knew fellow guitarist Peter Harris and I would have the privilege and thrill of following in the legend’s footsteps, rocking crowds with sets of the timeless spirituals, Dylan epics, vintage soul gems, and lively bluegrass tunes Garcia had popularized at his solo shows. But when I stepped onstage with the band for the first time, it hit me: This gig was special. I’d found a charmed place where guitar solos are not only still legal, they’re devoured by insatiable live music fans. This was a magical kingdom where, after stepping off stage, tapers hand you mastered CDs of the previous night’s performance (or sometimes even the set you just played), and where relaxed set breaks of an hour or more are not merely tolerated, but encouraged.

Best of all, the house that Garcia built is a vibrant place free of the cutthroat commercialism of Clear Channel-era corporate rock. It’s a musical utopia where no one in the band or audience expects you to sound, look, or act like anyone but yourself—provided that you bring something special to your instrument, and perform with soul and spine. The lifeblood of today’s thriving “jam band” scene, these amazing crowds are receptive to any style of music. And they’re the gifts left for us by one generous man, Jerry Garcia. —Jude Gold

Video Time!

This is what passes for controversy on the Internet these days.  Are these guys having the right kind of fun listening to The National at Coachella?  You be the judge.

Prince is weird (see above), but he's also capable of this.  Case closed.

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