Grateful Dead vs. Phish: 30 Years of Tours Mapped

Was hoping to share this closer to Phish's actual 30th anniversary last week, but… best laid plans.

Anyway, these are a set of maps created by Seth Kadish and Jonn Rosen that circulated earlier this year but are a bit hard to track down.  They essentially comparing Grateful Dead and Phish gigs over their similar 30 years of touring (I believe Phish fall tour is not included based on when these were first introduced).

While the "heat map" aspect of the is pretty cool, especially while comparing each bands' coverage , the tour routing lines are comically useless, and even obscure some of the data.  Of course, Europe and Asia are also left of (in this case, deliberately).

On a local note, it looks like the Dead has given Illinois much more love, but over the course of 30 years, the Grateful Dead played over 2300 concerts, where Phish has yet to crack 1600 in that same timeframe.

Click each map for a high-res version.



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