Schubas And Lincoln Hall Sold In Multi-Million-Dollar Deal


Two of Chicago’s best small venues, Schubas and Lincoln Hall, were sold to Audioleaf this week in a multi-million-dollar deal, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Brothers Chris and Mike Schuba bought Schubas in 1998 and Lincoln Hall in 2008, the venues quickly becoming mainstays in the Chicago music scene.

Mike Schuba will continue to work as chief operations officer of the venues, while talent booker Matt Rucins and the remainder of the venues’ staff will retain their positions. Chris Schuba, however, will be leaving to work for Chicago Tribune’s advertising department, amongst other projects.

Audioleaf was formed by Chicago music company Audiotree and Michigan-based Greenleaf Companies. The company is known for Audiotree Live, an in-studio concert series.

With the staff remaining at the venue and the deal being made with a reputable music company, it would appear that fans of the venues have no need for concern following the change of ownership.

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