WATCH: Bob Weir, Rob Gronkowski Join Paul McCartney For Fenway Encore

Bob Weir's been a huge Beatles fan since forever, but as far as I know has never performed on stage with one.

So of course, when he got his chance to stand side-by-side with Paul McCartney during a Boston gig on Sunday, he took it 

Dead & Company had played the same venue, Fenway Park, on the two night's prior.  For an added dose of surrealism, New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski was also on hand to add air guitar and backing vocals.

Gronk joined for the second of the two song sit-in, "Helter Skelter".  Before his arrival, the encore kicked off with a tune that Macca described as "Grateful Beatles",  the Wings-era classic "Hi Hi Hi".

Watch how it went down courtesy of YouTubers DGB519 and sleepypiper,

Photo via @alembic_lynx instagram

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