Hear An Unreleased Prince Song From The “Purple Rain” Sessions

NPG/Warner Bros are reissuing Prince’s iconic 1984 album Purple Rain in a remastered and expanded format this summer.

Due out June 23, the rerelease will come in two packages, deluxe and expanded deluxe, both of which feature the remastered album, as overseen by Prince in 2015, and a second disc of previously unreleased material from the sessions. 

According to the press release, six of these have “never been released or distributed in the collector or bootleg community.” The expanded edition will also feature a live DVD recorded during the subsequent tour in Syracuse, NY, on March 30, 1985.

Amongst the previously unreleased studio tracks included will be “Our Destiny/ Roadhouse Garden,” “Father’s Song,” “Possessed,” “Katrina’s Paper Dolls,” and a 10-minute track titled “We Can F---.”

The first of these unreleased tracks is now available on Spotify.

Titled “Electric Intercourse,” the track is everything one could want from Prince, layers of piano and synthesizers building atop a minimal drumbox beat, the vocals delivered in a sexual and harmonized falsetto.

The lyrics are classic Prince.

            “I feel some kind of sexual current / tell me do you feel it to?

            Our bodies want to be together / I kind of want to be with you

            Electric is my body baby / I went and shocked you with my lips

            Darling don’t you know your technical climax is at my fingertips

            Electric intercourse / Do you want to make love?”

Though Prince initially intended to include “Electric Intercourse” on Purple Rain, he reportedly traded it for the similar “The Beautiful Ones.”

Stream to the track below, and preorder the reissue here.

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