Chicago Musicians Pull Together To Help Brent Puls

serious billsThey're calling in the "National Endowment For The Brents" -- and it's yet another example of Chicago musicians coming together for a great cause.  As friends of Brent Puls describe the situation:

Our friend Brent Puls-- songwriter, painter, nerd, one-time rapper(?!), and "sexy-sax" man-- has had some medical issues of late.

Basically, a childhood gut problem got seriously out of whack and it almost killed him. He's doing okay now, but that's only after a lot of $urgery.

The mission: help him out with some of the medical bills.  Some of our favorite Chicago musicians  --  including Joe Pug, Birdy On The Moon (featuring Wilco's Pat Sansone), Brent's old band Bumpus, Terrible Spaceship, Leadfoot, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, and Rachel Yamagata -- have dedicated tracks to a mix available via

Along with Brent's L.A. friends, they hope to solicit your donation in exchange for a download.  Please consider helping.

Full Track Listing
Joe Pug - Hymn 101 04:40
Susie Asado - Autobiography Of A Skyscraper 03:07
Any Kind - Lost Again, I Am 03:23
Birdy on the Moon (Pat Sansone) - Secret Words 03:48
Alphabet - Frozen Boat 03:14
Tina M. Howell - Donna and Tina 04:11
Bumpus - Hi Tek 05:03
Clip Art - Pains of The Young 03:16
Terrible Spaceship - Time For Understanding 01:54
Tom Schraeder - Be Well 03:51
Leadfoot - Jailhouse 05:36
Rivals of The Peacemaker - Not Dead Yet 03:35
JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound - These Things I Know To Be (demo) 05:06
Dick Prall - How You Getting Home 02:28
Rachael Yamagata - Fish (demo) 03:07
Sheldon - Wayzata 02:59
Escape Tailor (Jeremy Sisto) - Just Cuz 06:07
James Johnston - Ashes 04:17
Alphabet - Guts 03:36

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