Full Show Video: Freeman @ Lincoln Hall 9/24/14

Aaron Freeman, better known as Gene Ween, has been touring with a young, four-piece backing band to promote his latest full-length, his first under the name Freeman.

For his performance at Lincoln Hall, Freeman leaned heavily on Ween’s discography as well as his solo work, offering fans an intimate glimpse into the writer’s extensive catalog of music.

Ween’s “Exactly Where I’m At” features an explosive, distorted-guitar jam. “King Billy” finds Freeman soloing on keyboard alongside the keyboardist, while “(For A While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like A Man” offers Freeman and the lead-guitarist opportunities to solo, the guitarist performing an elongated, noisy outro to the track.

The show ended by balancing heavy Ween track “The Grobe” with a lighthearted cover of Prince’s “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man.”

In the end, Freeman’s Lincoln Hall performance finds Gene Ween in great form, still producing the oddball lyrics and catchy melodies he’s always offered for a consistently rocking 90-minute set.

Here's full show video courtesy of YouTuber rage mcconnell.

1. Cops Are Coming
2. All The Way To China
3. Transitions (Ween)
4. Exactly Where I’m At (Ween)
5. Delicate Green
6. Black Bush
7. Your Party (Ween)
8. Stay Forever (Ween)
9. El Shaddai
10. King Billy (Ween)
11. Freedom of 76 (Ween)
12. Mountain And Buffalo (Ween)
13. Golden Monkey [chilled out]
14. (For A While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like A Man
15. The Grobe (Ween)
16. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince)

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.13.21 PM

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