Marcinek, Hartswick, Kral and Friends Swap Solos @ The Abbey 12/5/13

It takes a bit of hard work, some bravery and the heart of a jazz guy to a wrangle a group of outstanding soloists into a single ensemble for a handful of performances. This weekend, Joe Marcinek brought in a couple of out-of-towners (though both with Chicago connections), Jen Hartswick and Allie Kral, to barnstorm the midwest.

The mini tour kicked off Thursday night at the Abbey, and in true jazz fashion, they passed around the spotlight so that everybody got a chance to shine. Kudos also to Chicagoan Chris Greene, who sat in for this gig on sax, and I think may be poised to break out from the jazz scene and make a little name for himself with some of the rock and jam crowd.

Here's the group swapping solos on "Hyperbole". Marcinek lays it down particularly hard in his solo.

And a showcase for J-Ha's voice, a slow burn take on John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" and "If It Hadn't Been For Love".

Allie takes front and center stage for "I Don't Want To Leave You".

Joe Marcinek @ The Abbey
Joe Marcinek @ The Abbey

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