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By: Alex Wood

With recent releases The Whole Love and Star Wars, Wilco moved increasingly further from their classic sound, utilizing ambience and electronics in the former and raw guitar work and noise in the latter.

Following the release of Star Wars, Wilco sent email subscribers a list of recommended records based on the band’s taste, the suggestions shedding light on how and why the group’s sound has changed as it has.

The list was notably eclectic, featuring everything from older rockers Ned Doheny and Game Theory to folk-rockers Steve Gunn and William Tyler to lesser-known indie names like Adron and Girlpool. Perhaps most surprising was the inclusion of metal collaboration Full Of Hell & Merzbow and the absurdly dark collaboration between Sun O))) and Scott Walker, Soused.

Yet within the list of records lies a few obvious choices, such as Invisible Familiars, a band which Nels Cline helped record, and Luluc, with whom Tweedy recently guested.

The raw sound of Star Wars comes through in the inclusion of bands like Chicago underground veterans Eleventh Day Dream and Parquet Courts, while their electronic interests can be seen in Landlady and Cibo Matto.

Below is an hour-long playlist combining songs from Wilco’s favorite artists, meant to give listeners an idea of the band’s tastes during a pivotal moment in their career.

As Wilco said in the email, “there’s a lot of great music out there, lets all try to support it.”


Wilco's full list of recommended albums:

Adron- Organismo

Cibo Matto- Hotel Valentine

Empyrean Atlas- Inner Circle

Eleventh Day Dream- Works For Tomorrow

Full Of Hell, Merzbow- Full Of Hell & Merzbow

Game Theory- Real Nighttime

Girlpool- Before The World Was Big

Invisible Familiars- Disturbing Wildlife

Landlady- Upright Behavior

Luluc- Passerby

Ned Doheny- Hard Candy

Parquet Courts- Content Nausea

Richard Julian- Fleur de Lis

Scott Walker & Sun O)))- Soused

Speedy Ortiz- Foil Deer

Steve Gunn- Way Out Weather

William Tyler- Deseret Canyon

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