These Are Your Jams, Volume One

I am an unabashed fan of the This Is My Jam music sharing / discovery site.  So much so that I've been pretty regular about selecting a "jam" and have even used this blog to collect and publish periodic summaries of my favorites (there are currently five volumes: one,  two, threefour, and five).

This post puts a different spin on the concept.  It is the first post in a series featuring the best stuff that I've found from following you guys on This Is My Jam.  Want to join in?  Go ahead and follow me and I'll follow back.  the better to discover new tunes.  I'll publish the fresh jams here.

1. Yeah, we're already big fans of Marco Benevento around here, but damned if I wasn't floored by this solo piece that uses a grand piano and various toys to create a one man soundscape... Greenpoint. (H/T tmwsiy)

2. TIMJ is a great service for discovering new stuff and also reconnecting to the great stuff that may have fallen off the radar.  Thanks for sharing this tune from the post-rocking Jeff Tweedy project Loose Fur, Apostolic. Good shit. (H/T pfcidb)

3. Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau are touring together and really covering a ton of ground with their material.  This cover of Radiohead's Knives Out showcases the extreme talent and love of music that runs deep with this pair. (H/T PeteSF)

4. Alabama Pines is a bit more reserved and countrified than I expected from ex Drive By Trucker Jason Isbell, but powerful nonetheless. and every bit as honest. (H/T jeffarm711)

5. Had know idea what to expect when I clicked on this jam.  Hanni El Khatib sounded like it could be some kind of world music sensation (That's RAYCESS)!  In reality, You Rascal You is super hard edged blues rock and he is an artist to watch. (also jeffarm711)

6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is actually getting a lot of spins around here and finding No Need For A Leader on This Is My Jam is no small part of the reason why.  This is some zippy psychedelic music that doesn't get two wistful and dreamy like other psych-rockers. (H/T WeirScrewed)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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