A Video Visit To The Field Museum's Everything Is Dead Exhibit

Chicago's Field Museum really took advantage of its proximity to Soldier Field during the Fare Thee Well shows, hosting terrace parties, an awesome jazz event and, most intriguing of all, an exhibit populated with all sorts of artifacts from the Dead's long, strange trip.

Thanks to YouTuber user Kimock7, we can get a pretty personal view of this museum quality archive.  Check it out and you'll spot:

  • Stage used tie-dyes (now a backdrop for Chicago's beloved T-Rex, Sue)
  • Beautiful GDTS Mail Order Envelopes sealed in plexiglass
  • Jerry's Tiger guitar. Breathtaking. 
  • Tapestries and promotional materials for Grateful Dead (Skull and Roses), Wake Of The Flood and other albums
  • Photography, archival press clippings and show artifacts (Audio Tapers entrance signage)
  • Hand written correspondence to and from the Dead's offices
  • The SKUTH electronics Annoucement Deck which "manned" the hotline at GD Headquarters (no wonder the line was always busy)

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