Boukas & Lambert Martyr's Residency: Audio & Video from 1/5/11

Here's a taste of what to expect at the "First Thursday" residency from Jim Boukas and Eric Lambert.

These shows run from 6-8 on the first thursday of every month and the cover is only $5 (you can also grab a coupon to catch a set of Phish tunes for free at Lilly's later that night).

For the first gig, they were joined by Wavy Dave (Cornmeal), Thad Landis (The Dog Patch Ramblers), Russell Wirt, Jaik Willis, and Janis Wallin (Family Groove Company) and they plan to welcome a host of guests to the stage in the months to come.


Shady Grove
El Paso
Pancho & Lefty
Bird Song
Maxwell Silver Hammer
With A Little Help From My Friends (w Russ, Thad)
Jenny Jenkins (w Russ, Thad)
Dreadful Wind And Rain (w Russ, Thad, Jaik,)
Ramble On Rose (w Russ, Thad, Jaik,)
Up On Cripple Creek (w Russ, Jaik, Thad)
She Belongs To Me (w Russ, Jaik, Janis)
Jack A Roe (w Russ, Jaik, Janis)
Dark Hollow (w Russ, Jaik, Janis)
Panama Red (w Russ, Jaik, Thad, Wavy)
Midnight Moonlight (w Russ, Jaik, Thad, Wavy)
Ripple (w Russ, Jaik, Thad, Wavy)
Shakedown Street (w Everyone!)

The Stream

Download Entire Show (mp3 .zip)

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