Chicago Rock, Jazz and Acoustic Musicians Collaborate On 45 Minute Dark Star

Doug Hagman combines the Bobby guitar role with Jerry-like vocals in his Terrapin Flyer project, but lately he's been taking on some Leshian tendencies, inviting unlikely groups of friends to come together to see what kind of musical magic they can make.

This was the case last Friday at The Alley in Highwood when he joined forces with and two members of the young free jazz group Bonzo Terks (organist Danny Van Deurm & bassist Luc Parcell) and noted Chicago acoustic artist and Berklee Music School graduate Jaik Willis.

Like Phil's legendary combos, this unit produced a decidedly different take on Grateful Dead music, and one that I endorse. Here is the first 25 minutes or so of an exploratory "Dark Star", produced out of a setting with limited rehearsal. Have a look (and kick yourself that the camera went out with still 20 minutes to go).

Hagman remarks, "our first real improvisational moments occurred on stage. The result was surprisingly rewarding and was one of those magical musical moments when we felt true psychedelic inspiration that was only fueled by the sounds we were making."

Keep an eye out for Terrapin Flyer, Bonzo Terks and Jaik this festival season, especially at the newly christened Camp Terrapin festival in August.

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