How Does Spotify Compare To Other Streaming Music Services: An Infographic

I've really been enjoying my first earnest foray into a music subscription service.  For those not familiar what the exciting new entrant Spotify brings to the market... think Netflix' streaming service but for music.  The catalog is huge and I've been pleased with access to otherwise hard-to-find music by indie and jam bands that I love.  The iPhone integration is in a word: awesome.  It will sync your iTunes library but, more importantly, you can mark playlists assembled on the service for "offline" listening when you purchase the Premium Service - basically making this awesome catalog available to you whether or not you have a decent Internet connection.

Looking for an invite?  Head over to our Facebook page and post a comment in the link to this post and you can start using this service today.

Here's an Infographic from mashable which overs an at-a-glance comparison for the top six music subscription services.

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