MEDIA / SETLISTS / RECAP | Dead & Company @ Wrigley Field 2017

We'll have a more in-depth review of the weekend's music in a bit -- but before we get to that, we wanted to share some great media from the weekend, including a set of incredible photos contributed by John "Nunu" Zomot.  His eye for the event and access produced some truly memorable images.


Seeing members of the Grateful Dead in this packed stadium was a dream come true for many of the fans in attendance, and their collective energy proved to be worthy of the old building.

DSC_8552 20170701_185018

Meanwhile, the production crew did wonders integrating the Dead's imagery into the baseball environment. 

20170630_200046 DSC_9303.NEF

It's clear that members of Dead & Company took it all in, too

DSC_8399.NEF DSC_8413.NEF

And of course, the band came to PLAY,  Despite early start times (on stage by 6:45 each night), they managed to pack two full sets into each night.  They showcased an acoustic setup for a portion of each performance, and tapped the unknown during the nightly "Drums" > "Space" segment.

DSC_9430.NEF DSC_9365.NEF DSC_9504.NEF

To cap it all off, they jammed along to a raging fireworks display on Saturday night as "Sunshine Daydream" in the encore finished the second set opening "Sugar Magnolia".

DSC_9514.NEF DSC_9616.NEF

Friday, June 30th

Pro-shot Video

The Music Never Stopped

Shakedown Street

Audience Shot Video


Saturday, July 1st

Pro-Shot Video

Cold Rain & Snow

Sugar Magnolia

Audience Shot Video

Ship Of Fools


A lengthy playlist from both nights

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