Stream or Download: Bob Dylan @ Chicago Theater 11/9/90

File this under curious, but somehow every source on the Internet, including Bob Dylan's own setlist site, have this show occurring at the Fox Theater in Chicago.  Of course, there is no Fox Theater in Chicago, at least not presently and circa 1990.  I guess Bob and his people could have just listened to this awesome document of the evening, as the stage announcer clearly welcome the audience to the Chicago Theater (as well as admonishing against all sorts of recording devices... but we'll ignore the irony of that) before dipping into this classic set.

What follows is a rundown of 20 tunes (and oddly, the Marine Hymn) that finds Dylan at his most imaginative and ambitious in the live setting.  Delivering the sprawling "Joey" and reworked versions of some of his most beloved songs, the band is locked in behind their leader, which makes this a fun ride through a period where he was truly a legendary live force but a few years shy of his so-called renaissance in the public eye.

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