Notes From The Jazz Underground, What's It All About?

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This edition of  Notes From The Jazz Underground was culled from the May 6th broadcast.

For me, this show is what drew me to this program to begin with, even with a little self promotion from host Paul Abella.

Let's start with Grateful Dead.  "King Solomon's Marbles" is a triumph and just hearing those opening notes clues you in to what NFTJU is all about.  As mention, Paul quickly goes from there to Jazz Is Dead, because of course he does.  Having nearly forgotten that Jimmy Herring was in this band, what a nice slice of studio jamming to remind me.

Speaking of reminding... Trey Anastasio's bands have disappointed so often, I may have wiped The Horseshoe Curve from my mind.  Mistake.  This is what made the early aughts version of this band so damn special.

How do you bookend these delights?  Some brand new stuff.  New Snarky Puppy, new Marcus Strickland, new Santana, and a monster Ellington jam leftover from last week's playlist.  Joe Policastro's album isn't even out yet. Tim Lefebrve, of current favorite Tedeschi Trucks band, lends bass to the Donny McCaslin tune.

Oh, yeah... Paul slips in a taste of his own band.  Jazz Plays Dead (the Plays makes all the difference from Is).  It's a red hot fusiony "Shakedown Street" with a wah'ed out guitar and sax doing battle over Abella's beats.

The whole thing ends with Dixie Dregs (remember them?) and Hot Club Of Detroit laying down a accordion fueled swing version of Phish's "Rift".  Weee!

As mentioned, Joe Policastro's album is not out yet, so enjoy this video as a replacement...


Jazz Is Dead - Let It Grow


Jazz Plays Dead - Shakedown Street


Complete Playlist

Track Artist Album
Chinoiserie Duke Ellington The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse
Wave of Mutilation Joe Policastro Pops!
Velouria The Bad Plus Give
Weather Report Suite part 2: Let it Grow Jazz Is Dead Laughing Water
King Solomon's Marbles Grateful Dead Blues for Allah
The 5th Round/The Horseshoe Curve Trey Anastasio The Horseshoe Curve
Fillmore East Santana Santana IV
The Big Ugly Snarky Puppy Culcha Vulcha
Go Snarky Puppy Culcha Vulcha
Spiralmind Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities
Love What Is Mortal Donny McCaslin Fast Future
Mirrors Marcus Strickland Nihil Novi
Shakedown Street Jazz Plays Dead Demo Sessions
Ionized The Dixie Dregs Full Circle
Rift Hot Club of Detroit Junction

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